Q: At what stage should my company be for the best chance at acceptance?
We’re really looking for early stage technology companies with some form of demonstrated traction. We are more than willing to look at outliers beyond this.

Q: Do I need to present a prototype or product?
We’d much prefer it, and if not, an actionable plan towards product.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum company size?
Not at all, but only up to five team members will be able to co-work from our offices at a time.

Q: I’m the co-owner or co-founder of a company. Can I attend on behalf of the company without the other owners or founders?
Yes, but ideally the core team members or founders would be joining us together in Los Angeles for the duration of the program.

Q: Am I required to work from the Atom Factory offices?
Teams will be required to be based in Los Angeles for the program duration. Atom Factory offices will be open and available. The class will be small and tight-knit, so we would prefer teams work from Atom Factory offices, barring exceptions.

Q: Does Atom Factory provide housing for companies based outside Los Angeles?
No. Participating teams will be responsible for finding housing in Los Angeles, and arriving in advance of the program start date.

Q: Which business influencers will participate?
We will announce our mentors in the coming weeks. We’re excited to draw from our networks and also cater the education to be beneficial to the companies we select to join us.

Q: I’m interested in learning more, but cannot attend the program. How can I stay informed remotely?
Please subscribe to our email, and get to know us via email or keep in touch on social platforms. We are easy to find online.

Q: How can I get updates about future events, announcements, and opportunities?
Please subscribe to our email, and get to know us via email or keep in touch on social platforms.

Q: I have additional questions not covered, who should I contact.
For any additional questions about applications, please email us at manager@smashdlabs.co.